Field Spraying

We offer field spraying, herbicide application, fence row spraying, and farmland spraying. Keep your land free of weeds and pest by handling these issues before they arise. Call Willmon Land Clearing and we’ll keep your property in tip-top shape!

Herbicide Spraying

We can spray your land with herbicides that will kill unwanted species of weeds in your field while leaving desired crops unharmed. We can also spray areas with non-selective herbicides that will kill any vegetation they come in contact with. This is helpful for construction sights or any areas that need to be completely free of plant life.

Fence Row Spraying

We can also spray your fenceline to prevent a buildup of grass where mowers can’t reach. This will keep your fence accessible and looking good. If you have an electric fence, a buildup of grass can drain power from the fence, causing it to lose its strength or raising your energy usage dramatically. Give us a call and we can make sure that money stays in your pocket!

Farmland Spraying

If you have crops or livestock on your farmland, there are many threats to their wellbeing. Pests like insects can eat crops and spread diseases, and weeds can run rampant killing native species. Farmland Spraying with either herbicide or pesticide can save you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars down the road. Maintaining your farmland is the most effective thing you can do to protect your crops and livestock. Call us and make sure your land is well protected!

Right of Way Spraying

We can also spray to create paths through thick brush for access to land. This is common around power lines, or to create a pathway through untamed patches of land. These paths can also be good for surrounding wildlife as they give humans a single path to take instead of creating a new path every time. If you need better access to your land, we can make it happen!